EOL Plan – Beyond the Will

End of Life Planning takes a closer and more intimate look at how one wishes to transition in a way that is authentic to them. Often, we tend to forget our needs and desires at end of life that go beyond dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s on our Wills. If you could create a perfect closing chapter in your life, what would that look like, smell like, sound like, feel like? It is a personal and intimate question that has different answers for everyone. Together, we will go through a process to envision and create a beautiful and personalized backdrop to surround and support your transition at the end of life. 

This also includes a comprehensive and detailed look at how one wishes to conduct their final affairs and makes it so the enactment of these wishes are made as clear, simple, and concise as possible. Completing an Advanced End of Life Care Plan eases stress, reduces the risk of hidden costs, and limits unnecessary suffering for loved ones. End of Life Care Plans include aspects such as instructions for possessions, online account details, care and treatment of the body pre and post death, along with legacy projects and life reviews. This process can seem overwhelming and it is a substantial task; it can be an emotional endeavor as one starts to address significant and sensitive questions and reflect on their lives. With Full Circle Doula’s assistance and encouragement, you will be supported throughout the entirety of the process, and upon completion you will have both peace of mind and also peace of heart.