Honouring Death before Death

Death is not just the physical loss of our bodies, or of the ones we love – It includes any and all parts of ourselves that may shift and fall away throughout time. Honouring death before death is a way to recognize and appreciate the parts of us that die before we go through our final transition, and gift us the space to let go of those aspects with reverence, gratitude, and respect. With age and illness there is often a decrease/loss of certain physical and mental capabilities. This can feel extremely vulnerable and made all the more challenging if we do not provide the space to recognize and grieve these parts of ourselves. All aspects of our journey and all pieces of ourselves deserve caring and compassionate consideration. Honouring death before death provides space, be it through ceremony, family meetings, one-on-one conversations, to say goodbye and gracefully let go. This includes situations/circumstances such as losing the ability to drive, making your own personal decisions independently, moving into a care facility, losing the ability to hear, see etc. It is also a beautiful way to meet the process of surgical procedures such as mastectomies, which is an incredibly sensitive and personal experience. There are many situations and ways in which we can honour our deaths before death. Whether we realize it or not, we experience mini deaths throughout the entirety of our lives, and together we can create the space to recognize, meet, grieve, and honour ourselves throughout the journey.