Imminent Death Support

As one reaches the final stages of physical death, the value of having a support system in place is immeasurable. It is a profoundly emotional time for families and loved ones, and having a calm and grounded presence eases any additional pain and reduces stress and confusion. It is my mission and responsibility as a Death Doula to ensure the family and the soul who is transitioning feel as comforted, supported, and prepared as possible throughout the final stages of the dying process. I ensure that any end of life decisions are upheld, and that families are able to give their full love, attention, and care to their dying loved one. In certain ways, at this point of the process I become a sort of background presence – Assuredly always there, providing support and guidance as needed, and also giving space for families to share in these final intimate moments together without disruption. If it has been requested, after the final breath, I remain present to help fulfill any post death wishes, including vigiling and care/treatment of the body. These final moments of life are incredibly precious, and I am deeply honoured to be in the presence of those transitioning and to hold space for families. It is my wish to bring a tenderness and a beauty into the death space, so that the final death journey includes feeling levels of deep peace and infinite love.