What We Do

“When they ask you what you do for a living, say, “I love”
– Jaiya John

What is a Death Doula?

Death Doula’s provide emotional and spiritual support for one who is journeying towards and through death, along with their loved ones. With compassion and care, we walk alongside those who are coming to terms with end of life. We advocate for those who are dying, ensuring that they, and their loved ones, are prepared and at peace as they meet death. 

By asking deeply personal and intimate questions around life and death many emotions arise, and Death Doula’s provide a calm, supportive presence as you journey through answering them in a personal and meaningful way. Providing space to be fully seen, heard, and validated, we help bring light to any gaps that may be surrounding end of life so they can be addressed, gifting clarity and comfort in moving forward with death. 

Death Doula’s are a support system, weaving together the many aspects that death encompasses and creating a reassuring environment, so one can transition with dignity and grace, as we all deserve to, and have always been meant to.

Do I need a Death Doula

Short answer – Yes! If you are here, it is likely that death is touching your life in some way and if any aspect of the death journey is occupying your mind, it may be time to consider reaching out. While Death Doula’s provide support during imminent death, our scope is wide and ranges from companioning, to end of life care planning, opening up family conversations, creating space and guiding ceremonies, and more. There are many circumstances in which a Death Doula’s presence is of great comfort; If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with terminal illness, if you are looking to create a plan around end of life decisions and care (no matter your age or current circumstance), if a loved one is aging or in a long-term care facility, or if death of a loved one is imminent. 

Death Doula’s have been an integral part of many cultures for generations, and it is time for this sacred service to become more common place in our Western society, so we can acknowledge and honour our elders, care for our ill and dying with respect and compassion, and give deep reverence to one of the most momentous aspects of the human experience.

Doula Do’s / Doula Dont’s

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"We're all just walking each other home"

Ram Dass